Ariel Castro/Anthony Castro


Faces of Freedom

The example, mental illness (part of the brain stops developing) starts early in life. Anthony Castro and his family endured years of physical child abuse and his mom suffered years of domestic violence by the hands of Ariel Castro. This is the wake up call for all families. Confront the devil in the face, you never know whose life, you may save. A person beats you, abuse the children they have the capacity, to be Ariel Castro. Yes, it can happen to your family. We should study his brain, his thinking his past and define the signs of WHY and what pushed him over the age to kidnap young girls. The death penalty, would have taken the opportunity away, for Ariel Castro to be studied.

Sending Love to all the young ladies that survived, they represent every victim of rape and abuse. They clearly send a message, of HOPE and Survival.

Lateresa Jones


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