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Official Declaration of war

Must be declared against Isis and approved by Congress.  This would help our president  circumvent the 14th Amendment.  Roosevelt did it during WWII only after a declaration of war was approved by Congress.  This was the way to stop the Germans, Italians and Japanese from entering the United States.   This allows us to stop enemy of the states.fdr.jpg


One thought on “Official Declaration of war

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    It went back and forth with Bush (#43), concerning Al Qaeda and the Taliban; Obama had asked congress but got AUMF (Authorization of Military Forces). Trump, has both Houses of congress with GOP majority, and could easily push for an actual declaration of war, but.., ISIS, also has sympathizing nations that give support and aid, and then the US would be at war with nations of the Persian Gulf, and Iran. Then there would truly have to be a Muslim ban in America. Then the FBI would need to go into hyper-drive for hunting fifth columns. Then Trump would have no alternative except declare Constitutional Carry.
    Official declaration of war, is not such a bad idea.


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