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The organization was created for the fairness of the people to all entities of equal rights.

The battles must be chosen wisely, your position should always be in the advancement of the people and against NONE politically.  How can you advance the people when you’re not displaying the behavior of a leader willing to negotiate a future of opportunity for all the people.  Our people have been the voice and God knows the blood, pain, and tears the black American slaves suffered in building America.  We are the grandchildren of the slaves.  No one can tell us our story better than what our grandparents have told us.  The voice of our people must be displayed in an upright, outstanding face of beauty, as it has been fought for.  We have 10 years to allow decisions to be made that will affect the growth of people’s  Quality of Living in America.  It’s not the color of the skin that matters, “it’s what’s in the brain of things,  the thinking”.    We will write the story of what progress of the future will look like in this administration.  We will also have the opportunity to put closure on many inequalities our people have suffered in America.   It’s a new day with opportunities for all that can open their eyes and look beyond what they see physically and think about the thought of things.

This is the time we must stand together for the advancement of all people, the faces of growth may not be one’s we choose but we will not know the chemistry of things until we give them a chance.  Time to make better decisions for a better future.  The lesson is negotiating for the good of all.  Many have been financially compromised and I understand that.  Today, the deal, let’s make it better for the generations.  Old ineffective behavior should not and will not be tolerated as the voice that speaks for the colored people.   I ask you and many of the other NON-PROFIT organizations to contact the necessary people in the new administration with a plan to have a place at the table to help the people to grow.

The deal that was made between Dr. M.L. King, Jr. to motivate the blacks to leave the Republican party and vote Democrat to elect  JFK as president, the last 50 years of loyalty to the Democratic establishment has been declared,  PAID in FULL and over.

Our loyalty is to God first.  Our political views have always been aligned with our moral values.


Lateresa A. Jones






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