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Blacks in politics must protect history

Many black Republicans become a part of abuse to their own race in order to get funding to run for public office.  Black Democrats become a part of the system that cheat their own communities financially to get funding.  Who looses in the end, working people. Democrats as well as Republicans must become the people… Continue reading Blacks in politics must protect history

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Official Declaration of war

Must be declared against Isis and approved by Congress.  This would help our president  circumvent the 14th Amendment.  Roosevelt did it during WWII only after a declaration of war was approved by Congress.  This was the way to stop the Germans, Italians and Japanese from entering the United States.   This allows us to stop enemy… Continue reading Official Declaration of war

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The Preamble to the Constitution

An  implication of American citizenship (that is, “We the people of the United States of America” )The amendments that we now call the bill of Rights were amendments to the Constitution. Let’s keep in perspective this referred to American Citizens and the people who were not included were the BLACK  AMERICAN SLAVES and WOMEN  who… Continue reading The Preamble to the Constitution

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The organization was created for the fairness of the people to all entities of equal rights. The battles must be chosen wisely, your position should always be in the advancement of the people and against NONE politically.  How can you advance the people when you’re not displaying the behavior of a leader willing to negotiate a future… Continue reading NAACP


Donald J. Trump is my President

Make it Happen Team Many people continue to blame their anger on President Donald J. Trump.  People are just angry because of who they are and how they personally feel about themselves. It is amazing that self-help teaches about surrounding yourself with successful people, the point is successful people know how to make it work.… Continue reading Donald J. Trump is my President


Castro~Democracy for Cuba

l Economic tensions in Cuba will be laid to rest with it’s Dictator for the last 50 +  years.  Expecting to see Raul Castro,  allow the Cuban people to vote and declare what type of government will be formed.   Praying for peace within that island and the nation of its people.  As I do… Continue reading Castro~Democracy for Cuba