Jimmy Savile~Human Trafficker of Children

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, you paid for the state to brothel your appetite for sex.  Anyway you wanted it.  They bought children to feed your hungry apetite ;regardless; those children were already outcast from society but the best victims for you.  The one’s society didn’t care about, the children in the states care.  Children that were already unsettled mentally or emotionally.  You decided prime target.  You earned millions, donating large amounts of HUSH money to the children’s home.  You were the upright citizen in society for good!  You taught group homes, your friends, statesmen even the media how to engage our children physically in commerce.  You taught them what abusers do, they finacially take good care of the places where they victimize.  You protected your personal residence, your mother, your accomplice ,protected you.  She told her grand daughter, when she confined in her grandma, Uncle Jimmy touched me, had sex with me, grandma laughed and said”oh that’s just Jimmy”. He does that to all the babies in the family, your now broken in.  Good job Jimmy, everyone of those children you raped are 3 times more likely to suffer from depression, are 6 timesmore likely to suffer from post-traumatic  stress disorder, 13 times more likely to abuse alcohol, 26 more timeslikely to abuse drugs and 4 times more likely to contemplate suicide.  Jimmy we know you liked the girls more than the boys, but the choice was yours, you payed for it.  Good ole society turned the other cheek ignored the cries of the children. With warm hugs of love, to them ALL they have taken their voices back and decided to become survivors, they are healing, they are talking about the abuse, talking to make you hear them. They are giving courage to other victims, don’t be afraid. You can do it. The estate is up and open, sue win and get what you survivors deserve. Oh yeah, Jimmy was presented with the NCW-2012 Awards (Nigga,Cracker,Wetback Awards)

RAINN can help anywhere in the world, “that’s why I love them sooo much:)
http://www.rainn.org or 1800656HOPE

always love teresa

Men Black & White have Fucked the country UP!

Featured Image -- 2215  Enough is enough.  If Americans are  going to leave a country that will create, inspire and embrace the future for our children and grandchildren we must stand up as women and take a stand.  I scream as loud as I can saying “Men have been giving the opportunity to clean up America instead they put themselves in charge of life instead of following the  Creator of all things look at the condition our country is in.  GOD created a man and then created a woman the creator of all things gave us all CHOICES.  This task is easy to obtain focus on peoples moral conditions you will then put people in place that represent  American people, George Washington was a farmer when they created the “Bill of Rights” the shit didn’t work so they came back to the table threw out the “Bill of Rights” and created the constitution.  When they created the Constituion of course they left women and slaves out we were not important.  The creator never told them leave the women home barefoot and pregnant.  Men made the decision to leave us women out.  We women are making the consioucs decison we want a future for our families.  It’s time to clean America up, right NOW.

Lateresa A. Jones

The Real Truth KKK Strikes Again

Charlene Butler                                                      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 20,2015

KKK Strikes Again
Charleston, South Carolina
Havana, Florida:  Lateresa A. Jones Candidate  for U.S. Senate 2016 a 4th generation Black American attended a “UNITY In the Community”  picnic hosted in Gadsden County by St. Mary’s Church and 7 other county churches. ” Black Americans know how racism, taste, look, feel and smell we know the message and the markings of the KKK.  The massacre  in Charleston, South Carolina resignated the same venom, pain, disgust and hate we experienced throughout most of our Black LIVES in America.   Jones stated, The message is loud and clear “our churches across the country must be on alert.  We will begin registering voters across the country to vote and go out and VOTE.  We love President Barack Obama but we will continue to utilize our constitutional rights and bear arms in America.  We will send a message loud and clear #Black VOTES Matter and Black Lives matter.  It’s time for a change, NOW!  We ask Floridians and the world to continue to unify with us. “
Lateresa Jones

Fighting Back

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When we take the stand on “TRUTH” instead of money we will fight for our rights in America. The question is ” What will my elected official do to make it better for Americans? You hold the key and the VOTE.


Cannabis aka Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana is a word created by Mexicans. Correct terminology is Cannabis. Today I had the opportunity to participate in a rally and hear many people speak about how the herb effects them. It was amazing to speak with cancer patients who are disappointed in the Florida legislature for not making the decision to allow them to self medicate and reduce the pain from chemo. A young college student who has been diagnosed with chromes disease discussing how he could not function under the influence of pills from the pill factory his alternative cannabis, with low to no side effects. Veterans spoke of PTSD and not being treated over the last 20 years. Stories of families who have children that are desperate for a legal treatment to help the children with seizures. Along with the cost of High medical bills and the mental trauma’s many families are experiencing not only in Florida but around the country due to the government and pharmaceutical companies making the choice for Americans. We must take a stand and as I continue to say, Don’t re-elect career politicians that don’t work for the good of the people. Americans deserve to make the choice that best fits their needs. Our American brothers, sisters, children are suffering due to the selfishness of those chosen to protect them.


Hardworking 80-Year-Old Woman Graduates College

Lateresa Jones:

America is the dream for many. We must keep fighting for the good of all people

Originally posted on CBS Miami:

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — An 80-year old woman graduated alongside two of her grandchildren this weekend.

Rosa Salgado, received her Associate in Arts degree, but it didn’t come easy.

“Every moment, the main thought was work, study, learn,” said Salgado.

She arrived to Miami from Colombia in 1995 along with her husband of 36 years and three children.

While she raised her children, Salgado enrolled in English classes at Miami Dade College (MDC) in 1996.

In order to support her family, she also worked at MDC’s Childcare Center.

Salgado took five bus routes daily just to get to school and work.

But that routine was broken in 2005, when her daughter had an accident, landing her in a coma for an extended period of time.

That’s when Salgado decided to drop her class load from full-time to part-time.

Despite all that, Salgado maintained a grade…

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