Jimmy Savile~Human Trafficker of Children

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, you paid for the state to brothel your appetite for sex.  Anyway you wanted it.  They bought children to feed your hungry apetite ;regardless; those children were already outcast from society but the best victims for you.  The one’s society didn’t care about, the children in the states care.  Children that were already unsettled mentally or emotionally.  You decided prime target.  You earned millions, donating large amounts of HUSH money to the children’s home.  You were the upright citizen in society for good!  You taught group homes, your friends, statesmen even the media how to engage our children physically in commerce.  You taught them what abusers do, they finacially take good care of the places where they victimize.  You protected your personal residence, your mother, your accomplice ,protected you.  She told her grand daughter, when she confined in her grandma, Uncle Jimmy touched me, had sex with me, grandma laughed and said”oh that’s just Jimmy”. He does that to all the babies in the family, your now broken in.  Good job Jimmy, everyone of those children you raped are 3 times more likely to suffer from depression, are 6 timesmore likely to suffer from post-traumatic  stress disorder, 13 times more likely to abuse alcohol, 26 more timeslikely to abuse drugs and 4 times more likely to contemplate suicide.  Jimmy we know you liked the girls more than the boys, but the choice was yours, you payed for it.  Good ole society turned the other cheek ignored the cries of the children. With warm hugs of love, to them ALL they have taken their voices back and decided to become survivors, they are healing, they are talking about the abuse, talking to make you hear them. They are giving courage to other victims, don’t be afraid. You can do it. The estate is up and open, sue win and get what you survivors deserve. Oh yeah, Jimmy was presented with the NCW-2012 Awards (Nigga,Cracker,Wetback Awards)

RAINN can help anywhere in the world, “that’s why I love them sooo much:)
http://www.rainn.org or 1800656HOPE

always love teresa



A learned behavior


  1. prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior:

American and to be more specific a “Black American” which means my ancestors were slaves in America.  We are the people that “built” America.

Caucasian Americans have always practiced superiority in America.  Due to those practices black Americans were discriminated against beat for the rights to “vote”  the right to a fair education, the right to drink out of water fountains and utilize the same hotels, basic human rights this goes back to the practices of England in the early days considering the settlers of the new world migrated to the  Americas the religion practiced was “Catholic” when the migrants came to as they called the new world they bought people with them whom in the beginning they gave indenture servant contracts  when they arrived to the new world they reneged on those contracts and enslaved the people they felt were below them the darkies, negroes colored folk the “black American” we became “SLAVES”.  The cross-over to acting out the anger felt towards a people because of the color of the skin the  behavior  becomes violent causing physical and mental damage for generations to come.

Today 2015 if we are going to deal with racism we must have a conversation with the grandchildren of the slaves in America.  The Black Farmers were discriminated against causing many to lose farms and land that has been had for generations to come and you take 30 years to pay them.  Many have died awaiting this long time coming settlement.

Racism contributes to the way 1 thinks about a group of people.  As it has been displayed in 1 of Ice Cubes movies the black police officer  discriminating  against the young “black”  thugs.  That behavior has been “preached” taught through out the country white folk, crackers, are superior the action of the majority of America’s people they sometimes but much more than less they (Caucasians) action of being greater valued because of the color of the skin the mental actions of the enslaved people . .  The effects of that racism is what needs to be dealt with if America is ever going to send a message to the world that the suffrage and effects on the generations of the slaves are declared settled by paying the grandchildren of the Black American slaves reparations.  This is how you close the door to the past you will stop discrimination in law enforcement roles the trickle down effect will be felt around the world.  The “holocaust” the only other atrocity  that can be compared.



My story 

Lateresa A JonesIt’s time 4 Change NOW


  Greetings Everyone,

My name is L.A. Jones and I am a wife, mother, grandmother, but most importantly, I am an American. To be more specific, I am a 4th generation Black American. My ancestors were slaves in this great country of America, but we as a people have come a long way since then. Today, I feel I have a responsibility to fight for the future of Floridians and our children all over this country. The people need a voice and I feel obligated to provide them with one.

 In the 1960s, women (particularly black women) did not have a voice and had very little protections under the laws of this country (it seemed). I was a victim of sex crimes back then perpetrated by a close family member that troubled me for a while. These incidents changed my life forever. My perpetrator felt that make up gifts would silence me. In America today, the same philosophy applies. Although one can buy what they feel is justice, the emotional toll on the victims of these injustices can never be measured. Society continues to frown on its victims as statistics have shown. Women have failed to report many crimes against them because of fear. Whistleblowers don’t like to come forward because of retaliation. Where is the justice for these individuals against those who do wrong? Today, the people need a champion who will fight for the victims who continue to hide in the shadows of our cities and municipalities.

 In the early years of my life, I grew up in Detroit where my grandmother and other family members raised me. My uncle taught me the importance of reading and instilled in me the significance of word meanings through the dictionary. These lessons increased my love for reading which I feel is the basis for the education of our children today.

When I was five years old, my mother married my stepfather. His family was very successful so I never had a desire or need for material things. They owned massive amounts of real estate in the 1960’s & 1970’s. My family lived in the best neighborhoods and me and my siblings went to catholic school, but our home lacked “LOVE”.  

 With clarity, I understand the plight of women who have been raped, beaten and abused mentally/physically. I understand why some people seek inappropriate outlets (drugs) to cope with their problems, but I do not support lawlessness in this area. I sympathize with those who have been taken to the bank by Corporate America. I also frown on churches that victimize its congregations by not making charity its primary function. Being the product of the forenamed events and having family, friends, and associates who have experienced the same, my obligation is to correct these injustices that loom large. The public arena is just the place where I feel I can make a difference in the lives of the downtrodden.  

 You see, my life has had a mixture of the finer things in life as well as the lesser things. This allows me to speak with great insight about the things that matter to the people today.

 Having support at home is also important if one is going to run for politics. After a failed marriage, I left Detroit and came to Florida where I met my current husband who is a Cuban American. My husband arrived in the United States at the age of 8. His family fled Cuba at that time on a Liberty Flight. His mom was a dentist in Cuba while his father was a rebel in Castro’s Che Guevara revolution. After arriving in the US and being claimed by family members, his immediate family left Miami and went to New York. His mother got established in this country by going to school at NYU to take refreshers courses for dentistry.  

 When Richard and I married, he had four children and I had three children. My oldest child was away fighting for our country in Iraq when we decided to marry. With his “blessings” we got married.  

My husband has been faithfully by my side all of our years together. He even helped me get closure to heal the wounds of my past by assisting me with my treatment at the United Way. After completing therapy, I confronted my father and mother, telling them I forgave them for the sins of my past.  

 In 2008, I wrote “America We Are Guilty”. At that time, I was upset as many Americans were. The corporations in this country have taken over. The lobbyists are controlling government policies for these companies and the people are getting defrauded. Politicians only serve to stay in power, camping daily, weekly and monthly to serve their own interest. My campaign is going to center on me simply balancing the interest of the people of this great state, and I have a clear vision on how I want that to occur. With me being the coach, and you guys/gals being my team, we are bound to be victorious.

The Real Truth GOP Debates

DONALD-TRUMPrun ben run 001

This is how America rolls? Show US ALL the people who want to run our country.  Thank you GOP 4 stepping UP!

Debates are great conversation pieces.  The most important thing people are subconsciously becoming involved and looking into who the candidates are and what they stand for.  This is what makes the debate exciting.  This is what it takes to save America.

Lateresa Jones

Roger Stone


This is not only Donald Trumps Boi

but the candidate not an official candidate

4 Florida US Senate 2016 leading the Sunshine state polls.

Trump is setting us up for something huge.  He is requiring us to challenge our thinking in 2016.  Roger Stone ICU all over the place.  When does someone ask you about running for Florida US Senate in 2016?  Doesn’t matter if you run or not I am going to TAKE THE SEAT.

Lateresa Jones

American Made Detroit Built Florida Love

Bernie Sanders I feel the Bern


Way to go Bernie.

The best candidate for the Democrats in 2016 is “Bernie Sanders” he has his eyes focused on a brand new American dream.  Giving people equal rights, affordable healthcare options.  He resignates with the college kids regarding student loans.  He just as I take no corporate donations campaigns completely funded by the people.

I will still state for the record my concern with Bernie as president will he take us into a war for Palestine?

Lateresa Jones

GOP Dr. Ben Carson & Donald Trump


An American president, just maybe.

I at this point like Donald Trump or Dr. Ben Carson from the GOP Side.  They both are American Made just as I am.  Dr. Carson is 1 that will bring a rational thinking ideology to the republican party.  Donald Trump is the master entrepreneur billionaire- business man.  Someone that can take some of the same techniques he uses in business and rebuild America.

Looking forward to the Debates

Thanks GOP for showing them how to give the American People a choice in the candidates they like.

Lateresa Jones

Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton my concern about supporting you as President of the United States 2016

Just because your a Democrat and a female is not good enough reason for me to vote for you and ask people to support you.  Your husband created bills that many people feel the effects of today, increasing the prison population and sending many people to jail.

Crime Bill Signed
Enacted the Clinton-Gore Administration’s tough and smart crime fighting strategy. The Bill contained tougher penalties, including “three strikes and you’re out” legislation, helped states build more prisons and increased prevention and victims rights. As a result, the overall crime rate has dropped for 8 years in a row — the longest continuous drop on record — and is now at a 26 year low. (PL 103-322, signed 9/13/94)

Most people don’t realize this was the start of the biggest establishment of the new jail system in America.  The Clinton’s are profiting millions and still asking for us the people who pay the dear cost of incarceration,with the violation of civil rights and human rights in America to just VOTE for them when they all are rich and feeding themselves.

January 31 Loans Preventing Economic Collapse in Mexico Issued
After Congress refused to act, President Clinton issued $20 billion in emergency loans to Mexico to stabilize the country’s financial markets. Loans from the United States and the International Monetary Fund stopped the collapse of the peso, prevented economic crisis, and helped the country return to solid economic growth. Mexico repaid the loans with interest three years ahead of schedule. U.S. taxpayers made a net gain of nearly $580 million from the loan.

Nafta was a complete disaster.  You want us to continue to take care of a country that has created most of it’s own economic issues and downfalls.  The United States can no longer be the scapegoat for bad business deals and allow people who have broken the law to enter our country and remain here.

Hillary when you tell me what your going to do to correct the wrongs of the past then we can move forward and consider voting for you.  Until then the people must demand better from the people that want our votes.

Lateresa A. Jones

Bernie Sanders


Bernie Sanders will be a great alternative for the Democratic Party.  The following are my concerns:

  1. Would we have a strong enough house to help balance the ideologies of socialism, this would mean we must maintain a Republican house for this to work.
  2. Being he has identified himself as Jewish would he put us into a war to help the Palestine ? America must take care of Americans 1st.

My thoughts as the Jr. Senator from Florida 2016

Lateresa A. Jones


Free White Boy Rick



Richard Wershe Jr is finally coming home soon. It’s been long over due for a clean Judge in Detroit to stand up and say the sentencing of Life imprisonment for is “Unconstitutional.   This is a Detroit Political conversation Many of you have served your time from the past criminal activity that you did not create but were incorporated into without even realizing the effects of your actions.  Yes it’s time for a healing from the past abuses in Detroit’s politics and corruption.   The drug strong hold in the day was the Curry Boys and White Boy Rick.  It’s awesome to share in a conversation that will heal the past hurts for all involved parties have paid what’s owed to society via incarceration.   The time is here for you all to  sit down and have a conversation about writing the “Truth” show the world how you ALL were done wrong expose the abuse of children our FBI protectors have displayed over the years.  With Rick being released a great home coming together is due. for you all. We know today  the corrupt faces of enforcement from city police to the hierarchies they are as much the criminals as you were  our UNJUST judicial system across the country continues to victimize our children and adults today as the people of a great nation we must take the stand and rise together for the good of the future of not only Detroit but the United States.  “The media wants brutality, blood and crime the real truth they want to shame “Coleman Young”  by proving  allegations of illegal criminal drug activity. The bond in the deal is  that  “truth” will be taken to the grave. From this day forward DETROIT deserves peace and the welcome home of Rick Wershe should stay peaceful. I know Rick continues to grow and support great causes. Johnny didn’t put the hit on you Rick. Call them and speak as the adults you all have become I shared the information I was given that “Best Friends” put several hits on you and you never were with them. Everybody is older and wiser show the young ones what UNITY looks like ,you the Curry Boys have all survived the greatest American Hustle of all times. Show the kids the way out and MAKE LEGAL MONEY WHILE DOING IT Frank Lucas showed you how. My question is who the hell got the money from “New Jack City” based on the Chambers brothers? Don’t let them get YOU ALL twice.

Love Lateresa Jones 

American Made Detroit Built Florida Love

The Real Truth Rick Wershe, Jr. aka Whiteboy Rick


Who do you Love? Justice or Injustice.

We have been begging for “Justice” in our Judicial system. The opportunity has risen. Rick Wershe, Jr. a 14 year old white boy groomed by the FBI until at age 17 they locked him up for LIFE to shut him up. Rick’s sentence has been ruled unconstitutional. This is that 1 case that should be investigated and questioned by many. Investigate give people HOPE in a Judicial system that we know must change. It is inhumane to take the life of a person away for a drug offense to sit behind bars for the rest of their lives but in the same breathe we allow someone like “Jared the Subway boy who paid a 100K to each of his 14 CHILD victims and will do less than 5 years prison time. Well how bout that JUSTICE system of ours. Rick was a kid when the FBI PIMPED him on the streets of Detroit take an UNJUST judicial act and correct the wrong.

Lateresa A. Jones