Jimmy Savile~Human Trafficker of Children

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, you paid for the state to brothel your appetite for sex.  Anyway you wanted it.  They bought children to feed your hungry apetite ;regardless; those children were already outcast from society but the best victims for you.  The one’s society didn’t care about, the children in the states care.  Children that were already unsettled mentally or emotionally.  You decided prime target.  You earned millions, donating large amounts of HUSH money to the children’s home.  You were the upright citizen in society for good!  You taught group homes, your friends, statesmen even the media how to engage our children physically in commerce.  You taught them what abusers do, they finacially take good care of the places where they victimize.  You protected your personal residence, your mother, your accomplice ,protected you.  She told her grand daughter, when she confined in her grandma, Uncle Jimmy touched me, had sex with me, grandma laughed and said”oh that’s just Jimmy”. He does that to all the babies in the family, your now broken in.  Good job Jimmy, everyone of those children you raped are 3 times more likely to suffer from depression, are 6 timesmore likely to suffer from post-traumatic  stress disorder, 13 times more likely to abuse alcohol, 26 more timeslikely to abuse drugs and 4 times more likely to contemplate suicide.  Jimmy we know you liked the girls more than the boys, but the choice was yours, you payed for it.  Good ole society turned the other cheek ignored the cries of the children. With warm hugs of love, to them ALL they have taken their voices back and decided to become survivors, they are healing, they are talking about the abuse, talking to make you hear them. They are giving courage to other victims, don’t be afraid. You can do it. The estate is up and open, sue win and get what you survivors deserve. Oh yeah, Jimmy was presented with the NCW-2012 Awards (Nigga,Cracker,Wetback Awards)

RAINN can help anywhere in the world, “that’s why I love them sooo much:)
http://www.rainn.org or 1800656HOPE

always love teresa

Florida US Senate 2016 Racism & Discrimination

Why don’t you hear about the Candidate Lateresa A. Jones

She’s In a “Tax Brackett” by herself

These are the other candidates that have filed and declared for the position of Florida US Senate 2016. The media has faithfully followed the suggested candidates until 1 they like to share with the general public enters the race. Active candidates are listed on the Florida Division of Elections site. filed and declared candidates. http://dos.elections.myflorida.com/candidates/CanList.asp

You PUNK ASS MOTHERFUCKERS! Patrick Murphy enters the race the 31 year old white boy with a rich daddy guess he relates to you the media his friends.
You force feed Alan Grayson into the Newspaper who was NOT a candidate until your beggery began, Now he has entered into the race we have a man that has allegations of “Family abuse & neglect ” running for United States Senate yeah that’s all we women need.

Your searching for the 5th & 6th Candidate not mentioning actual candidates in the US Senate Race. Florida wasn’t ready for a Black Senator by the name of Kendrick Meeks (D)in the 2010 Elections his runnigmates Charlie Crist(I) and Marco Rubio(R) we all know who won that seat. Those same good ole boys are afraid of a great debate with me they are afraid I don’t fear them I WILL WIN THIS ELECTION WITH VOTES NOT MONEY. I want to make sure America hears me loud and clear you will earn our vote our emotions will not dictate the next election in Florida being an informed voter will. Being fair to the public and candidates is not a part of today’s journalism especially when you have a natural born American Negro 1st on the ballot oh NO can’t let that bitch get into office. Hell she will “FEED THE PEOPLE” for 6 years then retire and pass the torch on. Oh NO we need to make sure none of those with that nigger blood gets to VOTE on laws in America hell she would beat us like we beat HER ancestors she is a part of the people who continues to fight for the rights of All People and still are the most disrespected disregarded people in the world Black Americans. It’s time for the people to get authentic information on candidates that are running for office.
Americans recognize too many things have NOT changed for #BlackLivesMatter . We deal with racial injustices from the traffic light to the court room to the jail house to the media. #SandraBland, #Trayvonn Martin, #Freddie Gray just to mention a few. The attack on the “Black American Community” 2015 in America is NOT acceptable . Our churches are not only being burned down but the people in attendance are being assassinated right before our very eyes. We will NO Longer be speechless and accept the injustices we are being served from the country we built. The emotion of HATE continues to run rapid in the hearts of the people we call Public Servants & Public Service workers. The taste and feelings of prejudice and discrimination in Florida Politics not just race but being a 99%er when all the other candidates are 1%er’s. To black ball a black candidate isn’t going to get you a pocket full of votes. Your unfairness must be shared with the world. Negroes don’t matter.
I am asking President of the Miami Dade Chapter of the NAACP Adora Obi Nweze to host the 1st Candidate community forum 4 FLorida US Senate. Some practices are still fair and pure and not money motivated.
It’s Time 4 Change NOW!

Lateresa A. Jones
Candidate for Florida US Senate

Donald Trump Political BLITZ Florida in 2016


Nobody’s paying attention to what’s really going on in Florida

Donald Trump is a great businessman we all will agree. He may have strategized to increase his chances of winning the election and putting his people in place he is attempting a win in the Florida’s US Senate Seat 2016.

Roger Stone is a known Republican defender along with being a strong go to man for the “Trump”. Sunshine State News had a recent poll taken and out of nowhere came this man a registered Libertarian Candidate that is leading this poll. Just last week when the first poll was taken it had 297 voters now it shows 317 voters voted and 38% voted for this man whom I know is being backed by Donald Trump considering reports have shown he is on the Trumpsters payroll.

In the age of the woman it’s amazing how NO PARTY is supporting or endorsing any women on the ballot in 2016. Everyone holler and screams about the unfairness in politics against women and NOBODY says a damn thing about the candidates the media chooses to display. EXPECT a #slavebeating at the ballot in 2016.

Lateresa A. Jones
Florida’s next Jr. Senator

The Real Truth in 2016 Elections~Will Black America shift the vote


Civil Rights Act of 1964 The Promise JFK made to MLK

Black Americans have been fighting for so long we unconditionally still fight for everyone’s rights in America. Dr. MLK was a minister but also a great negotiator for the people. Dr.King made a deal on behalf of Black America that we would obtain civil rights in America if we VOTED Democrat and put JFK in office. Black America kept her part of the deal JFK was assassinated prior to the deal being complete. The deal was completed with President Lyndon B. Johnson many blacks did and still do praise Lyndon B. Johnson for doing the most for Black Americans when the realty is he was a part of the greatest conspiracy that has ever taken place in American history.

It is 52 years later and Black Americans are experiencing more racism hatred than ever before. Our Black Americans are being gunned down, locked up and killed by the hands of night riders in 2015. We have elected an African American President which gave the image of “Hope” in America. The reality Black America is more disenfranchised and angry as ever. It may have been a great moment in history for the Democrats with the ruling of the Supreme Court “Same Sex Marriage” making it constitutional but baby The Black church families are livid. The ruling goes totally against the belief system (The Bible). 2015 Black churches are being burned down sending a message loud and clear that HATE is alive and well in America. Democrats must begin to validate Black America instead of assuming you have our VOTES. Black people VOTE for Black people. Dr. Ben Carson is running for President and everyone is taking him for granted which means your taking the black vote for granted. The more interesting conversation in our communities “We will be more educated voters in 2016″.
Democrats must do the right thing by black votes.

The Black Vote will be earned in 2016.

Lateresa Jones
Candidate 4 Florida US Senate 2016

Dr. Heath Cliff Huxtable


Best Actor Award goes to Dr. Heath Cliff Huxtable for displaying to the world mental illness in action, multiple personalities, raping countless women over 50 years of your career, the largest record known to the world, becoming the first known Black- Serial Rapist, thank-you for opening up the conversation of rape. You did it big Bill ” Serial Rapist ”

Lateresa Jones
A survivor

Bill & Camille Cosby Morals vs. Money


“The Truth Must Be Spoken”

Help Black America and the world learn to heal from “mental illness occurred by childhood abuses. Stand up and be the person we have known you to be. I hope this is a wake-up call for Black America the myths of the past are sometimes the things that doesn’t allow us to move forward.

Camille like many women who have been in abusive relationships for a long period of time have become conditioned to turning the other cheek knowing the man you may and may not sleep with had an addiction to sex. I would also wonder your mental state of mind knowing someone’s child is being raped and you did nothing. You are an accessory to the crime just as Jerry Sandusky’s wife stood by her man and did nothing but deny, deny, deny. The great thing is the country is talking about rape which will help victims around the country.


Lateresa A. Jones

Donald Trump- Big Bankers bailed him out when he was BROKE!

It’s great to know the Trump is a good business man. Especially when your able to go to your wealthy Banker friends when your down to the last few million dollars to loan you money to rebuild your dynasty. WOW how nice is that considering in 2008 Americans bailed out the banks and auto industry. NO ONE has bailed out Americans or helped Americans rebuild financial losses. When we hear the ratings are up well CNN and the rest of the media should disclose how many people were counted in that poll. Usually its no more than 500 people and that’s a high number. Americans must be more aware and conscious of the VOTING decisions we make. Donald Trump may speak HIS truth, but reality he has always had a silver spoon in his mouth and doesn’t know what labor is. It’s amazing so many people are able to obtain so much money to waste when people are hurting.

Lateresa A. Jones
The People’s Choice
Florida US Senate 2016