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Jimmy Savile~Human Trafficker of Children

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, you paid for the state to brothel your appetite for sex.  Anyway you wanted it.  They bought children to feed your hungry apetite ;regardless; those children were already outcast from society but the best victims for you.  The one’s society didn’t care about, the children in the states care.  Children that were already… Continue reading Jimmy Savile~Human Trafficker of Children

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Milwaukee Unrest is an Economic Situation

Giving up guns, means we allow the police to have guns all the  criminals to have guns and WE the PEOPLE sit at home like a piece of steak ready to be served.  NO THANK YOU! I listened to the compromising radio station NPR this morning, it was interesting to hear a  young man say “We are tired… Continue reading Milwaukee Unrest is an Economic Situation

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Why Black Americans are Voting TRUMP

Black Americans have been conservative “ALL OUR LIVES”.  We were taught we had to work harder than any other people in America because our skin was/is BLACK.  Many of us are:  Awakened….Economically, Spiritually, Physically and again  POLITICALLY.  Dr. King as a great man he was, did not realize until after the fact that he did… Continue reading Why Black Americans are Voting TRUMP



A learned behavior NOUN prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior: American and to be more specific a “Black American” which means my ancestors were slaves in America.  We are the people that “built” America. Caucasian Americans have always practiced superiority… Continue reading Racism


My story 

Lateresa A JonesIt’s time 4 Change NOW   Greetings Everyone, My name is L.A. Jones and I am a wife, mother, grandmother, but most importantly, I am an American. To be more specific, I am a 4th generation Black American. My ancestors were slaves in this great country of America, but we as a… Continue reading My story 


The Real Truth GOP Debates

This is how America rolls? Show US ALL the people who want to run our country.  Thank you GOP 4 stepping UP! Debates are great conversation pieces.  The most important thing people are subconsciously becoming involved and looking into who the candidates are and what they stand for.  This is what makes the debate exciting.… Continue reading The Real Truth GOP Debates


Roger Stone

This is not only Donald Trumps Boi but the candidate not an official candidate 4 Florida US Senate 2016 leading the Sunshine state polls. Trump is setting us up for something huge.  He is requiring us to challenge our thinking in 2016.  Roger Stone ICU all over the place.  When does someone ask you about… Continue reading Roger Stone


Bernie Sanders I feel the Bern

Way to go Bernie. The best candidate for the Democrats in 2016 is “Bernie Sanders” he has his eyes focused on a brand new American dream.  Giving people equal rights, affordable healthcare options.  He resignates with the college kids regarding student loans.  He just as I take no corporate donations campaigns completely funded by the… Continue reading Bernie Sanders I feel the Bern