Dwayne Wade- Breaking the LAW!


Visitation rights are determined by the Court, when the parents can not come to an agreement. When visitation rights are withheld, the court makes that decision. Dwayne Wade you do not have the right to keep the children away from their mother, because you feel it is not in their best interest. Many women have been accused of using the children to get back at the other parent, you have proven to the world, men use the kids also. You have no right to make a legal decision when the children will see their mother, your creating an unfair tug-of-war with your own children. Now we know your true characteristics, a 90 million dollar contract and you originally want to give your sons mother 1 million dollars. She, your ex wife got the worlds attention sitting in front of the court house, screaming “I should not have to ask, or beg ,Dwayne Wade to support his children. Too many of us single/divorced parents have suffered that type of mental abuse, and shouted those same words, with no JUSTICE from our ex-husbands and/or ex-wives. Money and championships, do not validate your irresponsible actions, towards the family. You need to contact Iyanla Vanzant to help you get your life in order. You should be charged with violating a court ordered visitation and your ex-wife should file suit. Pay her the money, you OWE her, your going down in history as the greatest “NBA” deadbeat dad, makes us wonder, the real reason you sought custody of the children, could it have been the MONEY?

SOULutions to Heal America


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