Democrats or Republican?


I believe in Free Market

I believe in Child Abuse Reform- any adult in a home that is aware a child in the home is being abused , should be held accountable and charged with accessory of the crime ,and required to register on sex offenders list. .

Domestic Violence I support reform of laws that protect victims rights and privacy when reporting domestic violence and the accused abuser works in law enforcement or government agencies.

Child Support reform- I believe women/men equally should be held accountable for paying child support all laws be enforced equally. I believe just because you are the mother does not qualify you to be the best parent to be the primary parent for the child.

Immigration Reform- I believe we must secure our borders first. I support legal immigration but not illegal immigration. I believe legal immigrants must speak English to be employed in the United States.

Education- I believe in early childhood education for children. I believe High School students should acquire 8 semesters of a foreign language, 2 semesters of Spanish.

I believe in Credit Bureau Regulations of FCRA, that consumers are protected when credit is reported

I believe in legal Cannabis for medical purposes

I believe in Voting

Please leave your comments..

Building Hope
Lateresa Jones


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