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Don’t Vote

LET US REAL AMERICANS GET THIS SHIT HANDLED!  DONALD TRUMP IS THE ONLY ONE THAT WILL CLEAN UP AMERICA AND MAKE IT THE COUNTRY I GREW UP IN.  IF YOU WANT THE AMERICAN DREAM, YOU MUST WORK HARD FOR IT.  THIS IS THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT ALLOWS US THE OPPORTUNITY.  How dare you complain about things being so bad and you sit on your asses and do nothing.  You allowed prayer to be taken out of school.  You allowed Same sex marriage become law, you allowed our rights to slowly be taken away.  You allowed these damn children to be out of control, hell the white people aren’t just afraid of them, we blacks are also (minus me, I wish a nigga would).  You allowed every inner city in America to be destroyed and never rebuilt.  You allowed Obamacare that has fucked everybody up.  You want to be everybodys friend and allow them to enter into our house.  I’m revoking your human rights, American rights and commonsense rights.  Then got these entertainers telling you who to vote for.  Dumbasses they get PAID!

Keep your asses at home and shut the fuck up.





One thought on “Don’t Vote

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    The celebrities, are mostly, alcoholics, and drug addicts. Of course they want no values. The conservative celebrities are not given opportunity to voice themselves by a degenerate media that has been bought, making them de facto slave property of the Marxists.


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