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Donald J. Trump & Women

I became a victim of child abuse at age 5. I was a victim until adulthood.  My life changed from that moment.  When I see people becoming opportunist , it angers me because it takes the authenticity away from the conversation of domestic violence, assault and abuse.  So fucking many times, our children cry out for help and NO ONE listens.  Now when I see the media running wild over shit that has no validity to it, I KNOW what assault looks like, taste like and most importantly what the results are.

Mr. Trump you will be our next president of the United States of America.  Help us fix the things that continues to violate us American people.  Abuse and assault must be dealt with in America.   I TRUST your word and voice to be the one who says, laws must be created and please start with the people who have the experience, the victims that have become thrivers.

Lateresa A. Jones




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