911 & Islamic Fascism

Fifteen Years later and we are not safe .uNhaKL0

Like everyone in America, I sat at a friends house and watched in terror, the air/ground attack of Islamic Muslims  on  Americans and America.  Goliath has entered into our country and today, fifteen years later who will take down the Giant?  The giant has taken over every country in the Western world.  It began 15 years ago to take over  our country.  I don’t know if we realize the big picture of the modern day Giant his name; Islamic Muslims.

The giant is birthing children in large numbers in America and calling them, American citizens.  I look around and see Muslim women in the hijab all over the place.  I think it’s great to see and know who we are dealing with but at the same time it makes me demand our government screen the people who enter our country.  When we provide food stamps and financial assistance to our enemies we are killing ourselves and our future generations.  We must have a leader that isn’t afraid to protect America and Americans.  I look at the young men that are begging to enter into the US from Syria and think to myself, many are trained from the womb to hate and destroy people who do not believe in Islam.  Can we afford to just open the flood gates to America and allow anybody that begs to come into this country because they have unrest in their home land? No we cannot.

2017 put BOOTS ON THE GROUND to wipe ISIS out.






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