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The real truth,Tim Kaine you come to FAMU and racially profile our kids to promote RACISM and Hate?

Featured Image -- 2113You come to our community and your conversation was not about an economic plan telling our BLACK kids how your team will help this country and create jobs for them after leaving college.  Your conversation was promoting bullying Mr. Trump and the weak intimidating conversation of the KKK.  What the hell do those kids really care about the KKK?  FAMU has more minorities on the campus than the school body has ever registered.   It makes me wonder if you feel they are not worth an intelligent progressive conversation of economics .  Your goal is to use our black kids to incite racial hate and even send the message it’s ok to HATE others  and  forget your christian values, your parents and grandparents have instilled in you.  Your conversation must and will be challenged.  Our black kids need to be protected from people such as yourself who wants to use them as political ponzi scheme of racial profiling. Let’s see if you take that same conversation to FSU!

FYI:  Carl Domino a Republican running for Florida District 18, Congress seat.  Is a man that established scholarships for the last decade to FAMU and Howard Universities students.  Carl Domino deserves to be talked about, he gives unconditionally from his heart to help the underprivileged attend college.  In my book he is a true champion.


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