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Milwaukee Unrest is an Economic Situation

Giving up guns, means we allow the police to have guns all the  criminals to have guns and WE the PEOPLE sit at home like a piece of steak ready to be served.  NO THANK YOU!PROOF--CNN-CAUGHT-LYING-ABOUT-MILWAUKEE-RIOTS

I listened to the compromising radio station NPR this morning, it was interesting to hear a  young man say “We are tired of being broke, tired of having NO jobs, tired of being poor”.  The young man also stated they have been standoffish to the police whom had on amour.  He stated they, the people didn’t back down from the police and will not back down from the police.

PRESIDENT OBAMA , told American people the same bullshit Hillary Clinton is telling the American people “We are going to create JOBS” “We will make it better for Americans”. It’s 8 years later and it is not better for any AMERICANS today in 2016.  HC was a part of the Obama administration.  All the truthful things that the young man said is shared by  many people in America and that’s why people are disenfranchised and angry.

Its a shame the media continues to feed the world misinformation about the police to create civil unrest in our black communities across the country. They do this because they know black people will burn down the homes we live in, the grocery stores we shop at , hell our history to react is to kill our own communities.    I am prone to believe  the  globalist  wants people to be so mentally beat down, you feel the only way out is more government dependency, the government will give you all the drugs you want, all the pills you need and then a dose of socialism.  FYI: Fidel Castro said similar words to  the revolutionist, we will have a democracy, instead he gave them 50+ years of Communism which can be measured as Globalism.

This story should sadden  many, the young man pictured who was shot by a Milwaukee police officer had a HOT (stolen) gun and amid it at the police officer, the officer told him to put the gun down.  Guess what, yo ass get shot if you don’t obey the officer in charge, the law.  WTF!  Now we have the real UNCLE TOM OF ALL NIGGA’s Jessie Jackson preaching the eulogy of the young man shot.WAIT, Al Sharpton punk ass is somewhere behind him, I’m certain.  giving glory to breaking the law all in the name of the lord.  Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton & Hoe Ass, SCLC, SOLD OUT Dr. King, guess what? They are selling US BLACK AMERICANS OUT   ask Tavis Smiley , he knows the truth.

My suggestion to solve the current issues of economics in our country, businessman :

Donald  J. Trump  4 President.



3 thoughts on “Milwaukee Unrest is an Economic Situation

  1. I am a conservative blogger. I am a bit critical at times, and any criminal, needs to be addressed properly by police, I am a retired cop. We all have a long road to travel. We all need to stick together as Americans. Too many pitiful politicians have screwed up our nation. The People, are fed up. November will be interesting, and possibly a rough haul to January 20, 2017, when hopefully, President Trump is in the Oval Office. Then the real work, begins.

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    1. I agree with you Rifleman, CHANGE will only come with an outsider. This election is so big, if All Americans stick together, the message we send will be strong. I decided, I can’t take a back sit and not conversate to people TRUMP is the answer. He may not have all the answers but he will pull a team together with the right answers. Thanks for sharing

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      1. Absolutely. This presidential election cycle is critical to our nation. Trump really does create jobs and hopefully will be able to bring the economy back above water level.
        You’re welcome, and Thank You, for the wonderful article.

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