A learned behavior


  1. prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior:

American and to be more specific a “Black American” which means my ancestors were slaves in America.  We are the people that “built” America.

Caucasian Americans have always practiced superiority in America.  Due to those practices black Americans were discriminated against beat for the rights to “vote”  the right to a fair education, the right to drink out of water fountains and utilize the same hotels, basic human rights this goes back to the practices of England in the early days considering the settlers of the new world migrated to the  Americas the religion practiced was “Catholic” when the migrants came to as they called the new world they bought people with them whom in the beginning they gave indenture servant contracts  when they arrived to the new world they reneged on those contracts and enslaved the people they felt were below them the darkies, negroes colored folk the “black American” we became “SLAVES”.  The cross-over to acting out the anger felt towards a people because of the color of the skin the  behavior  becomes violent causing physical and mental damage for generations to come.

Today 2015 if we are going to deal with racism we must have a conversation with the grandchildren of the slaves in America.  The Black Farmers were discriminated against causing many to lose farms and land that has been had for generations to come and you take 30 years to pay them.  Many have died awaiting this long time coming settlement.

Racism contributes to the way 1 thinks about a group of people.  As it has been displayed in 1 of Ice Cubes movies the black police officer  discriminating  against the young “black”  thugs.  That behavior has been “preached” taught through out the country white folk, crackers, are superior the action of the majority of America’s people they sometimes but much more than less they (Caucasians) action of being greater valued because of the color of the skin the mental actions of the enslaved people . .  The effects of that racism is what needs to be dealt with if America is ever going to send a message to the world that the suffrage and effects on the generations of the slaves are declared settled by paying the grandchildren of the Black American slaves reparations.  This is how you close the door to the past you will stop discrimination in law enforcement roles the trickle down effect will be felt around the world.  The “holocaust” the only other atrocity  that can be compared.




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