My story 

Lateresa A JonesIt’s time 4 Change NOW


  Greetings Everyone,

My name is L.A. Jones and I am a wife, mother, grandmother, but most importantly, I am an American. To be more specific, I am a 4th generation Black American. My ancestors were slaves in this great country of America, but we as a people have come a long way since then. Today, I feel I have a responsibility to fight for the future of Floridians and our children all over this country. The people need a voice and I feel obligated to provide them with one.

 In the 1960s, women (particularly black women) did not have a voice and had very little protections under the laws of this country (it seemed). I was a victim of sex crimes back then perpetrated by a close family member that troubled me for a while. These incidents changed my life forever. My perpetrator felt that make up gifts would silence me. In America today, the same philosophy applies. Although one can buy what they feel is justice, the emotional toll on the victims of these injustices can never be measured. Society continues to frown on its victims as statistics have shown. Women have failed to report many crimes against them because of fear. Whistleblowers don’t like to come forward because of retaliation. Where is the justice for these individuals against those who do wrong? Today, the people need a champion who will fight for the victims who continue to hide in the shadows of our cities and municipalities.

 In the early years of my life, I grew up in Detroit where my grandmother and other family members raised me. My uncle taught me the importance of reading and instilled in me the significance of word meanings through the dictionary. These lessons increased my love for reading which I feel is the basis for the education of our children today.

When I was five years old, my mother married my stepfather. His family was very successful so I never had a desire or need for material things. They owned massive amounts of real estate in the 1960’s & 1970’s. My family lived in the best neighborhoods and me and my siblings went to catholic school, but our home lacked “LOVE”.  

 With clarity, I understand the plight of women who have been raped, beaten and abused mentally/physically. I understand why some people seek inappropriate outlets (drugs) to cope with their problems, but I do not support lawlessness in this area. I sympathize with those who have been taken to the bank by Corporate America. I also frown on churches that victimize its congregations by not making charity its primary function. Being the product of the forenamed events and having family, friends, and associates who have experienced the same, my obligation is to correct these injustices that loom large. The public arena is just the place where I feel I can make a difference in the lives of the downtrodden.  

 You see, my life has had a mixture of the finer things in life as well as the lesser things. This allows me to speak with great insight about the things that matter to the people today.

 Having support at home is also important if one is going to run for politics. After a failed marriage, I left Detroit and came to Florida where I met my current husband who is a Cuban American. My husband arrived in the United States at the age of 8. His family fled Cuba at that time on a Liberty Flight. His mom was a dentist in Cuba while his father was a rebel in Castro’s Che Guevara revolution. After arriving in the US and being claimed by family members, his immediate family left Miami and went to New York. His mother got established in this country by going to school at NYU to take refreshers courses for dentistry.  

 When Richard and I married, he had four children and I had three children. My oldest child was away fighting for our country in Iraq when we decided to marry. With his “blessings” we got married.  

My husband has been faithfully by my side all of our years together. He even helped me get closure to heal the wounds of my past by assisting me with my treatment at the United Way. After completing therapy, I confronted my father and mother, telling them I forgave them for the sins of my past.  

 In 2008, I wrote “America We Are Guilty”. At that time, I was upset as many Americans were. The corporations in this country have taken over. The lobbyists are controlling government policies for these companies and the people are getting defrauded. Politicians only serve to stay in power, camping daily, weekly and monthly to serve their own interest. My campaign is going to center on me simply balancing the interest of the people of this great state, and I have a clear vision on how I want that to occur. With me being the coach, and you guys/gals being my team, we are bound to be victorious.


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