Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton my concern about supporting you as President of the United States 2016

Just because your a Democrat and a female is not good enough reason for me to vote for you and ask people to support you.  Your husband created bills that many people feel the effects of today, increasing the prison population and sending many people to jail.

Crime Bill Signed
Enacted the Clinton-Gore Administration’s tough and smart crime fighting strategy. The Bill contained tougher penalties, including “three strikes and you’re out” legislation, helped states build more prisons and increased prevention and victims rights. As a result, the overall crime rate has dropped for 8 years in a row — the longest continuous drop on record — and is now at a 26 year low. (PL 103-322, signed 9/13/94)

Most people don’t realize this was the start of the biggest establishment of the new jail system in America.  The Clinton’s are profiting millions and still asking for us the people who pay the dear cost of incarceration,with the violation of civil rights and human rights in America to just VOTE for them when they all are rich and feeding themselves.

January 31 Loans Preventing Economic Collapse in Mexico Issued
After Congress refused to act, President Clinton issued $20 billion in emergency loans to Mexico to stabilize the country’s financial markets. Loans from the United States and the International Monetary Fund stopped the collapse of the peso, prevented economic crisis, and helped the country return to solid economic growth. Mexico repaid the loans with interest three years ahead of schedule. U.S. taxpayers made a net gain of nearly $580 million from the loan.

Nafta was a complete disaster.  You want us to continue to take care of a country that has created most of it’s own economic issues and downfalls.  The United States can no longer be the scapegoat for bad business deals and allow people who have broken the law to enter our country and remain here.

Hillary when you tell me what your going to do to correct the wrongs of the past then we can move forward and consider voting for you.  Until then the people must demand better from the people that want our votes.

Lateresa A. Jones

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