Free White Boy Rick



Richard Wershe Jr is finally coming home soon. It’s been long over due for a clean Judge in Detroit to stand up and say the sentencing of Life imprisonment for is “Unconstitutional.   This is a Detroit Political conversation Many of you have served your time from the past criminal activity that you did not create but were incorporated into without even realizing the effects of your actions.  Yes it’s time for a healing from the past abuses in Detroit’s politics and corruption.   The drug strong hold in the day was the Curry Boys and White Boy Rick.  It’s awesome to share in a conversation that will heal the past hurts for all involved parties have paid what’s owed to society via incarceration.   The time is here for you all to  sit down and have a conversation about writing the “Truth” show the world how you ALL were done wrong expose the abuse of children our FBI protectors have displayed over the years.  With Rick being released a great home coming together is due. for you all. We know today  the corrupt faces of enforcement from city police to the hierarchies they are as much the criminals as you were  our UNJUST judicial system across the country continues to victimize our children and adults today as the people of a great nation we must take the stand and rise together for the good of the future of not only Detroit but the United States.  “The media wants brutality, blood and crime the real truth they want to shame “Coleman Young”  by proving  allegations of illegal criminal drug activity. The bond in the deal is  that  “truth” will be taken to the grave. From this day forward DETROIT deserves peace and the welcome home of Rick Wershe should stay peaceful. I know Rick continues to grow and support great causes. Johnny didn’t put the hit on you Rick. Call them and speak as the adults you all have become I shared the information I was given that “Best Friends” put several hits on you and you never were with them. Everybody is older and wiser show the young ones what UNITY looks like ,you the Curry Boys have all survived the greatest American Hustle of all times. Show the kids the way out and MAKE LEGAL MONEY WHILE DOING IT Frank Lucas showed you how. My question is who the hell got the money from “New Jack City” based on the Chambers brothers? Don’t let them get YOU ALL twice.

Love Lateresa Jones 

American Made Detroit Built Florida Love


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