The Real Truth Rick Wershe, Jr. aka Whiteboy Rick


Who do you Love? Justice or Injustice.

We have been begging for “Justice” in our Judicial system. The opportunity has risen. Rick Wershe, Jr. a 14 year old white boy groomed by the FBI until at age 17 they locked him up for LIFE to shut him up. Rick’s sentence has been ruled unconstitutional. This is that 1 case that should be investigated and questioned by many. Investigate give people HOPE in a Judicial system that we know must change. It is inhumane to take the life of a person away for a drug offense to sit behind bars for the rest of their lives but in the same breathe we allow someone like “Jared the Subway boy who paid a 100K to each of his 14 CHILD victims and will do less than 5 years prison time. Well how bout that JUSTICE system of ours. Rick was a kid when the FBI PIMPED him on the streets of Detroit take an UNJUST judicial act and correct the wrong.

Lateresa A. Jones


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