Americans are the most Abused People in the WORLD


I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves. Harriet Tubman

When your victimized your traumatized we have been traumatized by a collapsing government that does not look out for the American peoples best interest. Our trauma begins with economic slavery of all her people we make enough money sometimes just to get by. Our savings for retirement, for our kids college, retirement, parents retirement has become close to non-existent. Our government “elected” officials continue to mislead the people just as an abuser does, they say “HUSH” just vote D or R and we will tell you what you need. Be quiet it will not hurt every election we are more victimized and dehumanized to reality and truth leaving many disenfranchised with NO Hope of a better tomorrow. Feeling no one has heard our cry. The day of slavery has begun for America and her people. It is no different than the people of Egypt. Our Hope is within ourselves we must take the stand and go against the status quo and give our future generations a future. Together we fix the wrongs of the past.

Looking 4 the Change IN US

Lateresa A. Jones

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