Poor Peoples Political Campaign

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Poor Peoples Political Revolution

Across the country people are feed up with politics and furthermore current life conditions for the masses. The American Dream of retiring is not on the bucket list anymore. The average person will need 2 million dollars to retire. 2008 came and hit us working people like a Tsunami taking it all leaving only your soul breathing life leaving many mentally broken, all financially challenged and the pursuit of happiness not an option. It’s time the people of America stand together for we are not the rich in money we are the producers of products and services that render a great financial reward to our corporate owners. The United States government was created by the people 4 the people it is time for US THE PEOPLE to come together as Independent thinkers and utilize our constitutional options of voting for Independents. Being an Independent means you take views from both parties and make it work for the good of the people. I stand with God not parties for no-one can sign the executive order and get me to heaven but ME.

Lateresa A. Jones
Standing on God’s Promise


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