Florida US Senate 2016 Racism & Discrimination

Why don’t you hear about the Candidate Lateresa A. Jones

She’s In a “Tax Brackett” by herself

These are the other candidates that have filed and declared for the position of Florida US Senate 2016. The media has faithfully followed the suggested candidates until 1 they like to share with the general public enters the race. Active candidates are listed on the Florida Division of Elections site. filed and declared candidates. http://dos.elections.myflorida.com/candidates/CanList.asp

You PUNK ASS MOTHERFUCKERS! Patrick Murphy enters the race the 31 year old white boy with a rich daddy guess he relates to you the media his friends.
You force feed Alan Grayson into the Newspaper who was NOT a candidate until your beggery began, Now he has entered into the race we have a man that has allegations of “Family abuse & neglect ” running for United States Senate yeah that’s all we women need.

Your searching for the 5th & 6th Candidate not mentioning actual candidates in the US Senate Race. Florida wasn’t ready for a Black Senator by the name of Kendrick Meeks (D)in the 2010 Elections his runnigmates Charlie Crist(I) and Marco Rubio(R) we all know who won that seat. Those same good ole boys are afraid of a great debate with me they are afraid I don’t fear them I WILL WIN THIS ELECTION WITH VOTES NOT MONEY. I want to make sure America hears me loud and clear you will earn our vote our emotions will not dictate the next election in Florida being an informed voter will. Being fair to the public and candidates is not a part of today’s journalism especially when you have a natural born American Negro 1st on the ballot oh NO can’t let that bitch get into office. Hell she will “FEED THE PEOPLE” for 6 years then retire and pass the torch on. Oh NO we need to make sure none of those with that nigger blood gets to VOTE on laws in America hell she would beat us like we beat HER ancestors she is a part of the people who continues to fight for the rights of All People and still are the most disrespected disregarded people in the world Black Americans. It’s time for the people to get authentic information on candidates that are running for office.
Americans recognize too many things have NOT changed for #BlackLivesMatter . We deal with racial injustices from the traffic light to the court room to the jail house to the media. #SandraBland, #Trayvonn Martin, #Freddie Gray just to mention a few. The attack on the “Black American Community” 2015 in America is NOT acceptable . Our churches are not only being burned down but the people in attendance are being assassinated right before our very eyes. We will NO Longer be speechless and accept the injustices we are being served from the country we built. The emotion of HATE continues to run rapid in the hearts of the people we call Public Servants & Public Service workers. The taste and feelings of prejudice and discrimination in Florida Politics not just race but being a 99%er when all the other candidates are 1%er’s. To black ball a black candidate isn’t going to get you a pocket full of votes. Your unfairness must be shared with the world. Negroes don’t matter.
I am asking President of the Miami Dade Chapter of the NAACP Adora Obi Nweze to host the 1st Candidate community forum 4 FLorida US Senate. Some practices are still fair and pure and not money motivated.
It’s Time 4 Change NOW!

Lateresa A. Jones
Candidate for Florida US Senate


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