Donald Trump Political BLITZ Florida in 2016


Nobody’s paying attention to what’s really going on in Florida

Donald Trump is a great businessman we all will agree. He may have strategized to increase his chances of winning the election and putting his people in place he is attempting a win in the Florida’s US Senate Seat 2016.

Roger Stone is a known Republican defender along with being a strong go to man for the “Trump”. Sunshine State News had a recent poll taken and out of nowhere came this man a registered Libertarian Candidate that is leading this poll. Just last week when the first poll was taken it had 297 voters now it shows 317 voters voted and 38% voted for this man whom I know is being backed by Donald Trump considering reports have shown he is on the Trumpsters payroll.

In the age of the woman it’s amazing how NO PARTY is supporting or endorsing any women on the ballot in 2016. Everyone holler and screams about the unfairness in politics against women and NOBODY says a damn thing about the candidates the media chooses to display. EXPECT a #slavebeating at the ballot in 2016.

Lateresa A. Jones
Florida’s next Jr. Senator


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