The Real Truth in 2016 Elections~Will Black America shift the vote


Civil Rights Act of 1964 The Promise JFK made to MLK

Black Americans have been fighting for so long we unconditionally still fight for everyone’s rights in America. Dr. MLK was a minister but also a great negotiator for the people. Dr.King made a deal on behalf of Black America that we would obtain civil rights in America if we VOTED Democrat and put JFK in office. Black America kept her part of the deal JFK was assassinated prior to the deal being complete. The deal was completed with President Lyndon B. Johnson many blacks did and still do praise Lyndon B. Johnson for doing the most for Black Americans when the realty is he was a part of the greatest conspiracy that has ever taken place in American history.

It is 52 years later and Black Americans are experiencing more racism hatred than ever before. Our Black Americans are being gunned down, locked up and killed by the hands of night riders in 2015. We have elected an African American President which gave the image of “Hope” in America. The reality Black America is more disenfranchised and angry as ever. It may have been a great moment in history for the Democrats with the ruling of the Supreme Court “Same Sex Marriage” making it constitutional but baby The Black church families are livid. The ruling goes totally against the belief system (The Bible). 2015 Black churches are being burned down sending a message loud and clear that HATE is alive and well in America. Democrats must begin to validate Black America instead of assuming you have our VOTES. Black people VOTE for Black people. Dr. Ben Carson is running for President and everyone is taking him for granted which means your taking the black vote for granted. The more interesting conversation in our communities “We will be more educated voters in 2016”.
Democrats must do the right thing by black votes.

The Black Vote will be earned in 2016.

Lateresa Jones
Candidate 4 Florida US Senate 2016


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