Bill & Camille Cosby Morals vs. Money


“The Truth Must Be Spoken”

Help Black America and the world learn to heal from “mental illness occurred by childhood abuses. Stand up and be the person we have known you to be. I hope this is a wake-up call for Black America the myths of the past are sometimes the things that doesn’t allow us to move forward.

Camille like many women who have been in abusive relationships for a long period of time have become conditioned to turning the other cheek knowing the man you may and may not sleep with had an addiction to sex. I would also wonder your mental state of mind knowing someone’s child is being raped and you did nothing. You are an accessory to the crime just as Jerry Sandusky’s wife stood by her man and did nothing but deny, deny, deny. The great thing is the country is talking about rape which will help victims around the country.


Lateresa A. Jones

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