The Real Truth De”Andre Johnson, Sheriff Morris Young & William “Willie” N. Meggs


Florida and Racism Calling it what it is!

In order to defeat a problem it must be DISCUSSED with honesty. Racism is taught and practiced it has become a generational system.

William “Willie” N. Meggs has a reputation in the counties he over sees as State Attorney, 2 n d Judicial DistrictThe State Attorney is the prosecuting officer for all circuit and
county court trials in the district covering Leon, Franklin, Gadsden, Jefferson,
Liberty and Wakulla counties. This office supervises 42 attorneys, plus support
staff, in processing all criminal cases presented by law enforcement officers
concerning persons charged with felonies, misdemeanors, traffic crimes, acts of
juvenile delinquency, and some violations of county or municipal ordinances. His reputation amongst the people in those counties “He’s racist” his practices have been a part of the “Good Ole Boy” system since the beginning of his career. 1965 – 1968 he was a uniformed patrol officier and then a deputy Sheriff. During that time NOBODY is going to convince me he didn’t call us BLACKs NIGGERS. Racism is taught and has been practiced since we became the new world.

De’Andre Johnson was not only kicked off the team the young man lost his scholarship from an action of self-defense his case was inappropriately handled by William “Willie” N. Meggs. Just as many of them are that concerns a black male and white female. It was ok for the young intoxicated student to hit on him and who knows he may have rejected her and she was pissed. She should be also attending classes for domestic abuse and volunteering in the community for HER ACTIONS!

Sheriff Morris Young has a pending case the next appearance will be announced. It should be interesting that Governor Rick Scott will also be present. The media should be in attendance for any game playing tricks Willie Meggs will have up his sleeves. At this point every accusation he has made against the Sheriff damn well better be PROVED.

Willie Meggs have you ever been a night rider? FYI: The people want Sheriff Morris Young to stay the people will VOTE him back into office.

It’s time we called out those that walk amongst us the people who make decisions that changes lives and futures forever.

Lateresa Jones
Florida’s Next US Senator



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