Donald Trump- Big Bankers bailed him out when he was BROKE!

It’s great to know the Trump is a good business man. Especially when your able to go to your wealthy Banker friends when your down to the last few million dollars to loan you money to rebuild your dynasty. WOW how nice is that considering in 2008 Americans bailed out the banks and auto industry. NO ONE has bailed out Americans or helped Americans rebuild financial losses. When we hear the ratings are up well CNN and the rest of the media should disclose how many people were counted in that poll. Usually its no more than 500 people and that’s a high number. Americans must be more aware and conscious of the VOTING decisions we make. Donald Trump may speak HIS truth, but reality he has always had a silver spoon in his mouth and doesn’t know what labor is. It’s amazing so many people are able to obtain so much money to waste when people are hurting.

Lateresa A. Jones
The People’s Choice
Florida US Senate 2016


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