The Real Truth KKK Strikes Again

Charlene Butler                                                      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 20,2015

KKK Strikes Again
Charleston, South Carolina
Havana, Florida:  Lateresa A. Jones Candidate  for U.S. Senate 2016 a 4th generation Black American attended a “UNITY In the Community”  picnic hosted in Gadsden County by St. Mary’s Church and 7 other county churches. ” Black Americans know how racism, taste, look, feel and smell we know the message and the markings of the KKK.  The massacre  in Charleston, South Carolina resignated the same venom, pain, disgust and hate we experienced throughout most of our Black LIVES in America.   Jones stated, The message is loud and clear “our churches across the country must be on alert.  We will begin registering voters across the country to vote and go out and VOTE.  We love President Barack Obama but we will continue to utilize our constitutional rights and bear arms in America.  We will send a message loud and clear #Black VOTES Matter and Black Lives matter.  It’s time for a change, NOW!  We ask Floridians and the world to continue to unify with us. “
Lateresa Jones

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