Men Black & White have Fucked the country UP!

Featured Image -- 2215  Enough is enough.  If Americans are  going to leave a country that will create, inspire and embrace the future for our children and grandchildren we must stand up as women and take a stand.  I scream as loud as I can saying “Men have been giving the opportunity to clean up America instead they put themselves in charge of life instead of following the  Creator of all things look at the condition our country is in.  GOD created a man and then created a woman the creator of all things gave us all CHOICES.  This task is easy to obtain focus on peoples moral conditions you will then put people in place that represent  American people, George Washington was a farmer when they created the “Bill of Rights” the shit didn’t work so they came back to the table threw out the “Bill of Rights” and created the constitution.  When they created the Constituion of course they left women and slaves out we were not important.  The creator never told them leave the women home barefoot and pregnant.  Men made the decision to leave us women out.  We women are making the consioucs decison we want a future for our families.  It’s time to clean America up, right NOW.

Lateresa A. Jones


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