Cannabis aka Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana is a word created by Mexicans. Correct terminology is Cannabis. Today I had the opportunity to participate in a rally and hear many people speak about how the herb effects them. It was amazing to speak with cancer patients who are disappointed in the Florida legislature for not making the decision to allow them to self medicate and reduce the pain from chemo. A young college student who has been diagnosed with chromes disease discussing how he could not function under the influence of pills from the pill factory his alternative cannabis, with low to no side effects. Veterans spoke of PTSD and not being treated over the last 20 years. Stories of families who have children that are desperate for a legal treatment to help the children with seizures. Along with the cost of High medical bills and the mental trauma’s many families are experiencing not only in Florida but around the country due to the government and pharmaceutical companies making the choice for Americans. We must take a stand and as I continue to say, Don’t re-elect career politicians that don’t work for the good of the people. Americans deserve to make the choice that best fits their needs. Our American brothers, sisters, children are suffering due to the selfishness of those chosen to protect them.



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