Thugz Mansion has NO MORE VACANCIES

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To Our kids,
We have committed the greatest sin,We didn’t teach you enough about Jesus Christ. Good Friday they slaughtered Jesus,as they continue to do our children, THUGZ MANSION has NO MORE VACANCIES.

Giving praise to my GOD. It is time we stop crying and demonstrate what Unity looks like. If things are going to change in our communities, we must follow the rules America has put in place, we must first scream to the mountain tops to God & the ancestors . We NOW mobilize (register to VOTE ) ‪#‎ourvotesmatter‬ .

Across this country we will demonstrate the greatest tool that has been EARNED for us, the right to voice our opinion on how this country is run, we will REGISTER and VOTE then Vote. We must change laws if we are going to change how people are treated in America.

” It takes everybody”

I am 1 voice, together WE become many.

Lateresa A. Jones

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