Hillary Clinton- What did you say to Bill when?


When someone ask me for my vote,in order to get my vote they must represent many of the things I believe in and stand morally close to my views. When a 22 year old college (kid)is inf-actuated with her boss it may not be unusual. When your boss is the President of the United States and he indulges in unacceptable sexual behavior when he should have been directing her as a role model and leader. We must address his/her moral stance. I would have felt better about this conversation if he and Hillary agreed publicly to attend counseling/therapy and he took responsibility for his actions. Hillary wants to lead our country and I don't know where she stands on women's issue. Most people say, she stood by her man, that's fine and dandy, many women do, but they also protect their men before they do the right thing.
Society continues to turn the other cheek while boys and girls are being abused not only in America but around the country. If the mentality of the leadership is one that participates in that bad behavior, we women will never obtain equal pay, the rights to make decisions about our bodies. Rape will always have a statue of limitations along with,child sexual abuse,mental abuse physical abuse and incest because the people you put in office has and have been participating in those unmoral practices for decades. Until we as a society challenge the status quo we will not protect the people of this country who cannot protect themselves. You will continue to allow criminal behavior at the highest level of democracy in America.


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