Dr. Ben Carson & Elizabeth Warren

americansAmerican People are in need of real Americans to run for president in 2016.  To allow corporate America and the media to feed us the people who pay to play is disgraceful.  Just as we saw in 2014 elections across the country, people are sick and tired of being compromised by life long politicians who has sat in power for decades and only respond during election time.  Most Americans feel we have a check and balance system in place now with a Democratic President and Republican controlled house & senate.

You will be fooled in 2016 with your statistics, media predictions.  It’s time Americans take America back.

2008 when the economy crashed, people haven’t recovered.  They still struggle to pay bills, put food on the table, they struggle day to day , paying for college and now you want them to continue to feed the wealthy , to think its in the bag for Hillary and Jeb. It’s awake the world.  The Americans are coming the Americans are coming

Take the campaign money as you work in 2016, vote for all new candidates, Americans deserve better.


Lateresa A. Jones

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