Bill Cosby-Are you a Serial Rapist?

250762_485582831465772_1907808973_nimages                                         Does it matter who the person is that violates PEOPLE?Or how long ago it happened?

Animals don’t speak out, VICTIMS do when they have enough courage.

How dare Ms. Rashad, Bill Cosby-TV wife open her mouth in support of him.  If you haven’t walked a mile in the shoes of a victim of RAPE,  you don’t know the capabilities or characteristics  of a rapist.    It is common for abusers/rapist to have multiple personalities, the good guy that offers so many great things to the people of the world and the abuser/rapist that   constantly gets away with criminal activities because he/she is connected well in his/her craft.   The mere thought of committing a crime and getting away with it,  excites the abuser/rapist  over and over again.   They think they are untouchable, every time they have raped someone, it has been well thought out.  He/she have groomed the victim.   When the rapist rape, they feel they have gotten away with committing a crime, the more victims are victimized by the same person.

If Bill Cosby never opens his mouth and discuss to the world his position on these allegations, his life will go on.   The abuser/rapist will   maintain her/his professional face to continue to make money and provide for the family.  I commend NBC for pulling out of any contracts with Bill Cosby.  It has taken most of those victims, half of there adult lives to obtain there voice.  They have given us victims a larger voice to continue to fight back from the shame of society.

I completed my therapy from being raped, abused and domestic violence.  I felt the pain, suffering and mental abuse that consumed my life over the years, the abuser should be held accountable for his actions.    I contacted Michigan Attorney , Geoffrey Fieger.  When I spoke to Mr. Fieger and told him my story, he began shouting at me,” 30 years later”.  I don’t think so, why would you wait 30 years later to pursue any type of damages from anyone? He was hurtful, uncaring and didn’t give a shit unless it was a current case that involved cold cash.  He traumatize me, victimized me all over again.    I knew exactly how all those women felt, the response society has to us victims is horrible.  It takes us half our adult lives to get our voices back that’s a reason you wait.  Society is  a big part of the problem of continuing to shame victims, to ostracize us, make us feel we have done something morally wrong.  In reality, we have not done anything but speak the truth against a bigot system, that prefers people to turn the other cheek.

Lateresa A. Jones


6 thoughts on “Bill Cosby-Are you a Serial Rapist?

    1. This country has never protected victims of rape, abuse or domestic violence. Fact law enforcement has a 30 % rate of being abusers. You want facts go to rainn.org and pull all the facts up. Fact; ask the boys at Penn State. Fact ask the boys in Marianna, Florida. The only statue of limitation in this country is MURDER. Change laws and you will change the cases of abuse. I

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      1. 30% of law enforcement? Hell of a stat.Reminds me of running away from a man,to get help. Mostly,turned away, and not listening. Hell,the money we put aside for rape kits,has only put cases back 5 to 10 years, depending on city. Why is it so hard for People, to believe in the negative side of the Human. The killer, in Us all. This Public Perception of the human,is False. People are born innocent, not Angels. The media and public faces in America, paint pictures of Holy Christian Souls,across America. Bull sh*$%. Time to call BS,on Our(American) perception of each other. As far as,the negative.

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