The real truth in Ferguson

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When you so called leaders had the opportunity to ask the people you rallied for Democrats & Republicans, No Party Affiliation, their thoughts on the Ferguson case, you said nothing, you made life about Democrats and Republicans, instead of teaching people the power of voting and how laws must change in order to change how people s lives are effected, political PROSTITUTION at it’s BEST.

PEOPLE you allowed the media to hype you up regarding Ferguson, Black people need to STOP tearing down our communities with rage, that action is nothing new to black Americans, this was the reaction with the assai nation of Dr. King and anything that has upset us in America. We cannot allow ourselves to continue to be angry and not direct our energies that will change and resolve issues, LAWS change how people are affected. Trayvonn was a prime example, what did you get?NOTHING! KNOW YOUR POWER IS YOUR VOTE. When you realize your power is not a democrat or republican title, but a humanitarian, you will not only see the change, but be the change.

~ Lateresa A. Jones

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