Our President is a Socialist


My Truth

I voted for President Obama, because he was black. I say it over and over again, my grandmother died at 122 years old in America and for her to see a man of color in the white house, it mattered.

My actions are those of many in America, we expected this great change of how America treats people. The realty is when a President has a private agenda that is not in the best interest of the American people, we become afraid of the consequences we will have to deal with. Socialism is the consequence for America now. Healthcare Reform, yes it is needed for most Americans. Less government, more small businesses will stimulate economies on a local level as well as globally.

Immigration Reform, why would you allow amnesty to people who broke the law to enter into this country. That is the most absurd thing I have heard of. Those manipulating politicians that makes everything about Democrats and Republicans continue to do the people of America more harm than good. Americans are suffering, our President continues to bite the hand that feeds this country. November 4,2014 across the country, the people spoke out by using the Vote. They are putting our elected officials on NOTICE, we are not accepting the bad behavior. The trend of new politicians will continue to grown, the Independents will also continue to grow and help America regain her dignity.

Lateresa A. Jones


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