God has “Blessed the United States of America”


Home of the “Free”

Land of the free and home of the brave , Slave built, AMERICA!

The Americans are here, the Americans are here, we took our country back!  Republicans have ‘ con’ .    The decisions being made, must be in the best interest of America, Americans and our American future.    This battle has not been an easy fight, might I add Not over either.

America as we know it, was started on capitol-ism, and the slave labor.

We Black American, Negroes understand that very well.

Today, November 5,2014, the day after Florida’s Governors race 2014, something I did not expect happened, the Republicans, the original party of  Black Negroes in this country we all built together and will continue to protect our US Constitution.#turnedupandtookover.


Looking for the compromise to give Americans the future of our American Dream, protect our borders here in Florida, Texas, California, Michigan. The people CAN NOT STARVE, you must feed all the “American people, as you feed yourselves.

Lateresa A. Jones


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