Identity Theft in Florida

Identity theft in Florida. You have shamed BLACK AMERICA, our ancestors have been enslaved in this country. African Americans don’t know the price that has been PAID for us. Your ancestors come to America for a better life for you and you put us back on the plantation. YOUR NOT WORTHY of freedom, because you have never stood and fought for anything, we have given it to you and you don’t think for yourselves. Sadly you think you can fit into society with material gain and no labor of freedom. It aint FREE. When I hear you dumb ass niggards say, we don’t have a choice, which is the worst of 2 evils?YOU DON”T KNOW GOD! You know how to follow and lead people back to the plantation. YOU HAVE FORFEITED your rights to be called African American. You can’t serve a God of good and the Devil of the world and expect salvation.

Lateresa A. Jones
Candidate for Florida Lt. Governor

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