America belongs to Americans

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America’s Disgrace

America has welcomed many people to enter our country, work hard, follow the rules and become citizens. In Florida a major international city,we have lost all control over the language, the borders, the government. Many of you have come here and felt you have the right to make America into your native countries.

The Cubans have bought those Castro economics here and feel they are ENTITLED to change the primary language to Spanish. Most of the children are registering in school as Caucasian and the parents are registering to vote as Caucasian. That in itself is illegal. It is a felony to lie on your voter registration card, begin prosecuting.A group of people that discriminates against black cubans and swear you have no discrimination in Cuba. Right! I say eliminate “wet foot, dry foot” and lock down the Florida borders.

The Black Americans have been busy fighting for the rights of all the people, while the islanders are moving into political positions that don’t understand. YOU must understand the history of the country, how it was built who built it and the important rules government play. Most of them want to take the credit of being African American so they can be identified as Black American. We Black Americans take pride in our history, our ancestors were slave in America. You have done us such a great injustice by perpetrating a fraud. In Miami Gardens crime is out of control, they call it black on black crime and the reality, the Haitians are out of control blaming the Negroes. They disrespect everything we have built in this country. Get your shit together or go back home. If your here illegally, you should pack up and leave.

Driving is so horrible, because YOU CAN’t Speak English, so you don’t know how to read road signs nor follow the rules.

Your men bring the bad habits from your country of domestic violence, abuse and disrespect of women.

You make our money, send it back home to your country and constantly break the laws, discriminate against every nationality including Americans, and speak of if you could return to Cuba, you will. GO!

Politics, you have allowed the Corporations to take over the rights of the American people due to your lack of understanding of the needs of Americans and America. WE are a government for the people, by the people, that’s the American people, all America’s people.

Lateresa A. Jones
Independent Candidate for Florida Lt. Governor 2014


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