America’s Dream

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I’m on the run Lateresa A. Jones for Lt. Governor with Farid Khavari Independent for Governor 2014. Together we have the opportunity to “Help the People of Florida, Help themselves”. People always hollering who has the most money in a campaign, not realizing that’s how they pay you to shut up or get set-up. The people who are struggling the most are the people who are victimized with big money. They think they are about that life of POLITICS, standing up for “truth” to be a public servant and the devil all up in our face. This is deeper than words, sweeter than my love for my grandkids. Khavari/Jones will feed the people, who come to the table to eat with 1,000,000 jobs that pay fair living wages, quality healthcare just to list a few,we have a plan for “All the people” we will work during the harvest of 4 years with Khavari/Jones. You protected, fought for my life, for that the price I will stand and speak for the masses of people. Forever, as long as I live, I will walk in truth, speak the truth and bring the messages of the people to government, for the generations to come,I give my life. I stand and continue the fight for the justice of “All the People”. I pray and pray everyday. They laughing, and our future is passing away. All they do is cry, cry. Gotta lean on each other, pray and pray everyday. We all must meet at the crossroads one day.

Grandma I know we will not be forever young, it’s time for me to get it while it’s here. Being a public servant for the people who don’t know which pill to take, the purple or the pink, don’t take any pill, smoke the weed. Superstar politicians have SOLD the people out and I ain’t buying. Florida Governors race 2014 is for the taking of those making BOSS moves. When judgement comes for them, they don’t have no place to hide. I’m grinding. Eating the VOTE with my eyes wide open.

America the country where dreams are made of. It inspires you. The country my ancestors built on the blood of slavery.

Lateresa A. Jones
Independent for Florida Lt. Governor 2014

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