Amendment 2-Florida’s dope game will create WAR on the block

Featured Image -- 2251abandonedapartmentweed

The Florida Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative, Amendment 2 is on the November 4, 2014 ballot in the state of Florida as an initiated constitutional amendment. The measure, upon voter approval, would legalize medical marijuana.

The boys on the block could change their entire future, if they are taught to open a legal pot business in Florida. They have the economic equation, product x supply x demand = profit.

People on the block must eat. If you shut down the dope business (weed), you will start a WAR on the streets of MIAMI and all the Urban Cities throughout Florida. Crime will increase, domestic violence will increase, child abuse will increase, homicides will increase when people cannot feed the families, they rob, steal and kill.

Now you want the lawyers and pharmaceutical companies to continue to get ALL THE MONEY? NO!

Lateresa A. Jones
Candidate 4 Florida Lt. Governor 2014

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