Man Claims Dogs Broke Through Window & Killed His Dog

STOP mistreating and training animals to HATE.

CBS Miami

MIRAMAR (CBSMiami) — Ply-wood covers a shattered glass window at David Colvill’s Miramar home. It sounds hard to believe but he said two neighborhood dogs broke through the window Monday morning.

“I could see a dog in mid-flight going straight through the window, and he punched his way right through the window with his head…he went straight into the house,” said Colvill.

Colvill said the dogs attacked his two dogs named Linus and Lucy.

“I end up in a rolling fight on the floor trying to protect them. That’s how I got bitten,” said Colvill.

Colvill was able to protect one of his dogs with his own body but the other dog, Lucy, was killed in the attack.

“I could hear that terrible noise and everything as she was being attacked by one of the other dogs,” said Colvill.

Click here to watch MaryAnn Martinez’s report. 

The two attacking dogs…

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