Downtown Detroit Goes From “Vacant” To Vibrant (VIDEO)

Detroit had to be refurbished in order to open for business on a larger global scale. Her people had to also be reinvented.

CBS Detroit

By Edward Cardenas

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) – Bob McGregor has seen the transformation of downtown Detroit firsthand.

The senior vice president of the Downtown Detroit Partnership has seen the heart of the city slowly transform with the addition of Campus Martius Park, new businesses moving into the Central Business District and growth in the population of the city center.

“10 years ago we were standing in a devastated, vacant part of downtown. Half of downtown was empty, today it is all coming back ,” said McGregor, as he stood in the midst of a vibrant afternoon in Campus Martius. “With retail on Woodward Avenue, this place I believe is going to rival Chicago, some great parts of Manhattan as well.”

As Detroit celebrates its 313 birthday, the city center is seeing growth, development and attention that hasn’t been seen in decades.

Occupancy rates for housing downtown 97.8 percent according to…

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