The real truth, Children & Violence


Are we discriminating on how we define violence in America?

American Children are being raised in a time when violence is a way of the world. We must STOP the message violence comes in an acceptable and unacceptable situations. Violence is violence! Homelessness, child abuses, domestic violence, animal abuse, murders ,RAPE, WARS!. We have children at our borders being used to enter the country and I ask, is this a human issue or a political issue, or a moral issue? Children are being bombed around the world, we see the graphic pictures of violence and children are the victims. Violence it does not discriminate, it shows its face around the world at alarming rates. The undertone is violence everywhere. Our media motivates numbers by the violence we see daily. Our kids reach 18 and don’t know when they will be asked to go to war, the violence is everywhere. Live in Chicago, VIOLENCE is the way of life for many children and adults alike. Christians and the churches, some of the cruelest people and facilities around the world, practicing the demise of the human spirit in a demonic way and use god as the force behind the cruel promotion of negative actions and words being so judgmental. Our politicians are using political bullying as an acceptable part of our campaigning in the greatest democracy in the world, name calling falls under the title of mental and verbal abuse, no difference, results of hurt and pain are the outcome.

Today, I say, I will improve and defend being a political peacemaker and “Change the World”. I will only accept changing the world and stay consciously alert of the violence occurring. Confrontation of the “truth” opens the doors of conversation, making the difference in children s future. It’s time we start living on the outside, instead of being dead in the inside.

Lateresa Jones

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