The real truth in POLITICKING


America’s politicians has not failed the American people, nor has the US government failed the American People
“The American People” have failed America

Put your voting power in the candidate who you feel will represent your views, your needs, people who will represent and understand the needs of the people, your community, human rights, living wages. When actions occur in our state we must be reactive in our VOTE. No need for blaming on color, discrimination, be a informed voter and VOTE.

We must get off the fence, and know the decisions we make now will affect the future of our grandchildren our great grandchildren and generations to come! LIGHTS!CAMERA!ACTION!Follow all the candidates.

1. Freedom of Speech-
2. Register to VOTE

a. Vote in the primaries
b. Vote in the election

We must participate in every election, local elections are more important than presidential elections. The people we put in office makes the decisions in every community. We must have the courage to say, someone is not a good choice to put in office, because they will not do what’s in the best interest of the people. Our ethics and practices must have the loyalty like those in a street gang, Aaron Hernandez knew who he represented and stood till the end, defending his belief.

Lateresa Jones
Being the difference


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