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I was asked the question, “Don’t you have to lie to be a politician?” My answer,” NO!Understand the difference between compromising and Lying”.

Immigration is out of control in Florida. When you allow people to illegally come to this country and begin to make them think it’s OK to break the law to be here, well you have opened the door to allowing any type of “wild,wild west ” unacceptable behavior in a country, blood has been shed for people to have equal rights. and access to a better way of life.

America has rules and a Strength established on hard work, agreeing to disagree and compromising, creating laws that offer opportunity to the American people. Allowing people to bully their way into this country, we will continue to diminish. You have given the stamp of approval to do what the hell you want to do, any way you want to, taking the cliche, by any means necessary to another level. Many People come to Florida and think it’s okay to bring the unacceptable, illegal behaviors they practice in their countries here. We welcome anyone that follows the RULES to enter America legally the opportunity of the American dream.

South Florida has the largest struggle for the people. When people don’t understand the system of capitalism and how it is structured to work, you continue to create a break down of survival for the working people, business owners, the economy as a whole.

Florida to allow illegal immigrants to receive federal funding for college? YOU KICK ROCKS!


Children cannot be used as propaganda to enter the US. To think it’s acceptable to abandon your children, send them to the US and want America to pick up the tab, is totally unacceptable. Paying for better living conditions than American children whose families are struggling to survive.

Wet Foot Dry Foot- If your here and have been living in the US for decades and not worked towards becoming a citizen, as agreed-ed in the law allowing you to be in the US, turn yourself in to Immigration.

Your here illegal, you must turn yourself IN to, Immigration.

Statue of limitations must be applied for people being in the United States illegally.


Lateresa Jones
Candidate for Florida US Senate 2016

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