The Real Truth “Donald Sterling”

donald sterling

Donald Sterling has been WRONGED

Since when is it all right to take away someone’s business in America, because he blatantly stated how he feels about people of color? You call yourselves Americans and the very thing our people have been fighting against you play right into the hands of your own ego. This man has every right to feel the way he chooses to feel about anybody in the world. We have no rights to say, “Oh you have offended majority of the basketball players around the country, and they just might become organized enough to start a boycott, have people not show up for games, and allow the rest of the teams, especially during the playoffs to loose money”.

Marg Schott owned the Cincinnati Reds and her racist remarks didn’t get her banned from owning her baseball team. Marg was banned from managing her team, not being a franchise owner. She was also the third woman to own a major-league baseball team.

Double standards I say, double standards. The NBA Commissioners know exactly how to keep capitol-ism flowing in the league. Its worth using 1 as an example to keep the cash for the many.

Lateresa Jones


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