Donald Sterling be FAIR

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Statement on Donald Sterling
Donald Sterling’s recent comments confirm that he is guilty of the systematic racism that he’s been accused of for the past 14 years. The best possible outcome would be for him to voluntarily give up his franchise so a new owner who reflects the values of America can take over. In the meantime, we all need to continue to support the Clippers, who clearly are enduring a moral crisis. At a time like this, it’s important that they remember that, though the team is owned by Sterling, they are not defined by him anymore than Americans are defined by any one elected official. The players are defined by their actions. And right now their actions should reflect their commitment to the fans and to showing the world that the players live up to the principles of equality.

Lateresa Jones
Statement on Donald Sterling
Articles have been written, comments made about this dude. Many people in America wear that same mask. The bottom line, because he has made a comment about his personal thoughts, he has that choice. To tell a person because we disagree with him, he should give up his business, absolutely not. We don’t have that right. He stills pays his employees and runs the business as it should be ran. That’s not fair, nor is it right for you to think you can demand someone give their business practice up because they displayed “freedom of speech”. When Dr.King and the protesters, boycotted the bus system, the racism didn’t stop, they just wanted to ride the bus, and sit anywhere they choose to sit because they paid the same amount of monies as the white folk did. You didn’t tell them, close down your business because your racist. STOP please. What Donald Sterling and the Clippers team needs, Cultural Consciousness training, from a Life Coach.

Lateresa Jones

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