University of New Mexico Running Back Arrested For Rape

The question is this learned behavior from society or practiced behavior. No different than Mike Tyson, feeling like he had the right to take some ass because he was Iron Man Mike. Society you play a large roll in this and our youth. Your sports affiliation does not give you the keys to all the ass you want. Women you also play a huge role in this, GROUPIES!

Black America Web

University of New Mexico running back Crusoe Gongbay has been arrested on suspicion of rape in Albuquerque .

Officials in Albuquerque say a woman contacted authorities around 3AM on April 13th claiming she had been raped by the 20 year old football star. She also claims two other men may have also been involved.

Investigators say the accuser underwent evaluation from the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Unit — and the evidence was sent to the state crime lab for processing.

The investigation is ongoing as the results from the crime lab are not back yet.

UNM head coach Bob Davie issued a statement saying Gongbay has been suspended from the UNM football team “due to the obvious serious nature of these charges.”

It seems like more and more black athletes are being arrested in conjunction with an alleged rape. What gives?

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