Ex-Boxing Champ Arrested For Battery, K.O.’s Guy Who Allegedly Made Gay Advances

The ego will make you make decisions that are unhealthy, unacceptable and real. Consequences my friend, consequences.

Black America Web

Former pro boxing champ Kassim Ouma was arrested for battery in Los Angeles after knocking out a man who allegedly made gay advances toward him.

According to reports from TMZ, the former IBF junior middleweight champion is telling investigators he was hanging out in Hollywood when he struck up a conversation with a guy he just met.

The two went back to the other man’s home for a drink and the guy allegedly made a pass at the boxer.

Ouma claims he politely declined multiple advances, but says when he got up to leave, the guy made one final move — and Ouma shoved him away.

The altercation escalated with Ouma allegedly knocking the guy out cold.

Cops were called to the scene — where the victim was treated and transported to a nearby hospital.

Ouma was ultimately arrested for felony battery causing great bodily harm.

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