Jail & Families

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Jail does much more than take people who does not follow the laws of the country in isolation. financially it puts a family into a depression state of living. You think your so smart, you wanna play in the big league of the dope game until they kick your door in, take all yo shit, confiscate yo money, drain you dry and all the women, men and people you called your peoples, disappear. They don’t even visit you. Hell, they don’t even put money on your books. Those are the best case scenarios if you have cash flow.

If you commit a crime and your a 99%er then it rocks the families money hard. The bail bonds man, plays on your emotions, get your loved one out of jail. Give me the money, put up your house, your car, hell put your soul up for bond for your loved one. Usually this cost is 10% of the total bond set by the judge, this is determined by the charges. If your bonded out, which means someone has in good faith put the money up and/or collateral saying you will appear in court on your assigned court day. This does not mean your free to do as you please, this means your free to leave the jail and stay in the city you were locked up in.

Attorney’s , you know the ones you constantly put into office to run this country, well you then become obligated to obtain 1 that represents the offender to prove your innocence. The constitution says you are innocent until proven guilty, but our court system displays, you are charged with a crime, you must pay money to bond out, to obtain an attorney or get a court appointed attorney who makes a minimal amount of money and actually works with the prosecutor (this is the worst of the worst, very few public defenders are not overburden with cases and serve 100%).

Visitation this system has become amazing, you can now enroll with the police department to have a virtual visitation with your family member. They are allocated 2 visits per week, anything over the 2 visits you will be charged .50 (fifty cents) a minute. You can even attend the court hearings via video conferencing. This maybe great to obtain attorneys in other cities to represent your family members.

Families it is okay to contact a Life Coach to talk about how your child, your spouse, your parent, your loved one that has made a decision that effects everyone. There is a processing & coping time, not just for the person incarcerated,but the family. Let’s also realize, children are effected mentally, physically and emotionally by the actions of adults. Don’t ignore our kids.

Lateresa Jones
The Taboo Life Coach


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