Hillary got the shoe:(

clintoncandidate pic

Hillary will get more than a shoe in 2016

Validating the shoe throwing, did it come from the side chick? Regardless why, put her in jail! She’s in America and we don’t play that. Taking 1 for George are you Hillary.

Hillary Clinton is gearing up for her campaign run. I think she will run as an Independent and change the 2 party system we have in this country to a viable 3 party system. No one acknowledges the democrats threw Hillary under the bus for President Obama. Hillary was the one also pushing Senator Kennedy’s healthcare reform bill, during the Clinton Administration.

People are demanding a changing government and Hillary is the one who will offer America the breathe of freshair, like her or not, people want change for the PEOPLE and many feel Hillary will bring that. She will also need a strong, Senate and Congress that supports the best interest of the American people.

Lateresa Jones


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